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Creating Greetings Cards

To Create Greeting Cards

Creating greetings cards from scratch is not a trivial task. It requires that independent image elements are brought together, correctly scaled with the correct resolution and accurately positioned. The skills required solve a generic problem and have extensive application.

There are a number of files to down load. A PDF document that is a tutorial and a set of support templates that the tutorial creates.
To download the files right-click the red text and choose "Save target as...."


Card Making Tutorial Making Greetings Cards.pdf
A4 sheet to test your printer registration Print Registration Test V1.tif
A4 Blank with centre guide and small marks to allow accurate cutting A4 Blank With Four Pixel Dots.tif
Basic A5 Card with Guides but no image or text A5 Card Guides.tif
A finished A5 Card with guides and layers for use as a template A5 Sheffield Park.psd
Two finished A6 cards with guides, images and text on one A4 Blank for use as a template. Two A6.psd
Some example Text Ansell Adams.txt
Image used in example Baboon V1.jpg
Image used in example Drummer 2.jpg
Inside Leaf With Poem Inside Leaf With Poem A6 V1.tif
Intro Card Example Intro Card Roman Font V1.tif
Intro Card Set. Example guide layout to print on a single A4 sheet Intro Card Set A4 V1.tif