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Here are some links that I have found useful. Do not take what is found at the other end of these links on face value. This of course goes for any published material, books included. Before taking information to heart one must verify by experience or by cross checking with other sources.

Technical Aspects

  • Clarkvision                            Shed loads of information a bit heavy at times
  • Luminous Landscape               Very good presentation and wide spread of subjects
  • Cambridge In Color                 Technical stuff for the Layperson. Very good
  • Creative Photography             This is an excellent free on-line book
  • Northlight Images                  There are all sorts of very good articles here
  • X-Rite Webinar                      Most all about practical colour balance
  • Norman Koren                        This guy is selling prints but his tutorials are excellent

History And

  • When the Day's Work is Done (Getty Museum)       In 1877 several negatives created a single
                                                                        contact printed image. (No enlargers then)

Equipment Reviews And Tests

Some care is needed here. There are opinions and tests. The main issue is interpreting the sample images and test results. The prevailing conditions and photographers capability affect the sample results. For the tests there is no assurance that the tests have been executed without error.

  • Camera lens tests                  The 3D interactive "sharpness" graphs are excellent
  • Canon & Nikon Lens Reviews    The ISO 12233 charts allow direct interactive comparison.
  • dpreview                              A top site for both opinions on equipment and specs

Camera Specific

Geeky Stuff

  • EasyRGB                              This site presents the algorithms for colour space conversion
  • Useful Colour Data                 Munsel Color Science Lab site.


Image Examples

  • Exposure Magazine                 This is a wonderful on-line free Magazine with all the back issues


Photographic Clubs

Subject Material