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A Little About Me

I  have been interested in photography along with wife Carol for some 42 years. Like many of our contemporaries we passed through the "Wet Darkroom" stage. At the high point we could create exhibition prints up to 20" x 16" from 35mm negatives that would stand the closest scrutiny.

The darkroom faded into the past when our family commitments demanded as opposed to a lack of interest. With it, to a degree went the photography. We no longer attended clubs, the point here is that there was nowhere to show our prints (that we could no longer make) or slides.

Photography passed into the realms of recording our life and travels. It sat here until about 12 years ago when we could afford to own digital SLRs. Being professionally involved with electronic design the computing side of photography and indeed the understanding of digital cameras was second nature.

I find the science of the modern photographic process infectious and it would dominate if I let it. My Achilles heal is the interpretive side. To put it politely, my photography sucks. But I do enjoy trying